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Multi Point Inspection in Daphne, AL

Importance of a Multi-Point Inspection

Buying a new car is a serious investment so you want to make sure that your vehicle is in good shape. The best way to do this is to have a multi-point inspection done by a certified mechanic at Chris Myers Nissan in Daphne, AL or another technician that you can trust. Having a multi-point inspection done protects you as a buyer so you get your money's worth and aren't ripped off. It's also important to have a multi-point inspection completed as part of your routine maintenance to ensure the longevity of you vehicle. Unfortunately, even the best vehicles from top automakers like Nissan will wear down over time or can be prone to failure if not cared for properly.

Detect Hidden Damage When Purchasing

The biggest reason to have a multi-point inspection done is to detect any hidden damage before buying a new car. Even if you take the car on a test drive, you won't necessarily notice some smaller problems. In fact, if you were to just buy the car without a test drive, there's a chance that issues wouldn't appear for a long time. Therefore, you are saving yourself money down the road by having a full inspection done. If a potential car is in very bad shape, then you can simply pass on it.

Longevity of Your Vehicle

We also recommend multi-point inspections every 10,000 to 15,000 miles as routine maintenance. They  are also beneficial before leaving on a long trip. During a multi-point inspection, the certified mechanics checks your tire wear, oil life, fluid levels, brake condition, battery connections, wiper blade wear, and that all the critical systems of your car are functioning correctly. The inspection will help ensure the optimum performance and safety of your vehicle. No one wants a surprise breakdown.

Find Reasons for Discounts

In cases where the mechanic performing the inspection doesn't notice any serious issues with your car, he or she may at least spot some other minor things. By getting the issues fixed at once, you can save yourself time and money. When purchasing a car, you can used these points to ask the seller for a discount, and you will be justified in doing so.

Affordable and Quick

In reality, there aren't any reasons not to do a multi-point inspection. The process is fairly quick and shouldn't be a hassle, either. You may be tempted to skip a multi-point inspection because of the cost, but it can save you from potential damage and from buying a car with issues. A car may look great but turn up expensive issues in an inspection, letting you know that it is not a good value. When you do find that dream car, you want to keep it running in top shape for as long as possible. A multi-point inspection can help you achieve that.

The service center at Chris Myers Nissan in Daphne, Alabama, can work with you to inspect any Nissan vehicle, whether you are looking to buy a car from us, a used car from a private seller, or just want to know the state of your own vehicle.  To schedule a multi-point inspection or other service, use our online form here.