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Check Engine Fluids in Daphne, AL

Importance of Checking Engine Fluids

There are five main fluids in your Nissan vehicle, each of which needs to be at least occasionally changed. Your owner's manual will offer basic guidelines of the minimum frequency to change these fluids, or you can consult your mechanic. Keep in mind that if you regularly drive shorter distances, idle, or carry heavy loads, you will need to check and change fluids more often.

Nissan Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid is responsible for ensuring your car's gears move smoothly. You will probably want to check this fluid every month and look at the quantity of fluid while the car is running. If the fluid is low, smells burnt, or is brown, you need to replace it. Otherwise, change it every 50,000 to 100,000 miles.

Nissan Engine Oil

You should be fine checking your engine oil once each month, which involves finding your oil dipstick under the hood, cleaning it, putting it back in, and reading the level. You can simply add oil if necessary. Experts used to say you should change the oil every 6 months or 3,000 miles, but that has changed, so check your owner's manual.

Nissan Coolant

Coolant ensures your car stays cool. It is inside your radiator and should only be checked when your car is cool. Check it before summer and then before winter, but replace the coolant every 2 or 3 years.

Nissan Brake Fluid

You should theoretically never run low on brake fluid, which makes sure your brakes work correctly. It is easy to check via the brake fluid reservoir, and you should check it when changing your oil. Aim to change it every 2 years.

Power Steering Fluid

The final fluid is the power steering fluid, which is easy to find in its reservoir and can be visually checked once a month. You may not ever need to change the fluid, but you might do so every 50,000 miles depending on your owner's manual. For more information on changing your fluids, talk to the team at Chris Myers Nissan in Daphne, Alabama. They can also complete all the necessary checks and fluid changes for you.