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Air Filter in Daphne, AL

The Importance of Checking Your Nissan's Air Filter

Most drivers know that they need to change the oil in their car on a regular basis, even get new tires as needed. A lot of drivers don't realize that along with these regular car maintenance needs, they should also be checking and replacing their cars air filter.

Why is The Air Filter Important?

An air filter on your car works just like other types of filters you use in your daily life. A water filter on your sink will filter out the bad stuff, leaving you with clean drinking water, and an air filter for your car will filter out airborne contaminants before they get a chance to get into the engine of your car. These airborne contaminants could be as little as dust or dirt that comes at your car as you are driving down the road. Keeping the air flowing through your car clean is important because it can extend the life of your engine, improve your gas mileage, and even lower your emissions.

Checking the Air Filter on Your Nissan

The owner's manual for your vehicle should give you a basic guideline of how often you need to check your air filter, though many people go by the standard rule of changing it every other time they get an oil change. Usually, a brand new air filter will be white, or an off white color. This is similar to air filters that you may have installed in your house. As the filter collects dirt, dust, and a variety of other debris, the filter becomes discolored. Sometimes you will be able to tell just by looking at an air filter that it needs to be changed, as the color has turned very dark and dingy looking. Just because the filter does not look dirty it does not mean that it may not still be clogged by lighter materials. This is why drivers should consult their owners manual to find out how often the filter needs to be changed.

Factory Trained Nissan Service Technicians

While the air filter is a part on the car that some can change themselves, if you do not feel completely comfortable changing it yourself you should take your Nissan to your Nissan Service Center. Your Nissan Service Center has certified technicians that can help you find out how often your car needs a new filter. They can also check your current filter, and change it out for a new one if it needs one.

The Service Department at Chris Myers Nissan in Daphne, AL, can help you with any questions your have about your Nissan's Air filter, or any other service issues or questions you may have. They are highly trained and dedicated to customer satisfaction.